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Lake Oswego to Portland

Are you looking to travel from Lake Oswego to Portland? Curious about the best way to commute between these two cities? Are you wondering about the available transportation options or seeking tips for a seamless journey? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about commuting from Lake Oswego to Portland. We’ll guide you through the various transportation choices available from shuttle options to commuter routes. Whether you prefer public transport or private vehicles, we’ve got you covered!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the best ways to travel from Lake Oswego to Portland
  • Explore the major roads and commuting routes between the two cities
  • Learn about parking options in Lake Oswego
  • Find out about the public transportation services available in Lake Oswego
  • Understand the commute times and tips for a smooth journey

Major Roads in and Around Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego is conveniently connected to downtown Portland through several major roads, providing easy access for commuters and travelers. These roadways offer efficient transportation options for residents, making Lake Oswego an ideal location for those who work or frequently visit Portland.

Here are the major roads in and around Lake Oswego:


I-205 runs along the southern border of Lake Oswego and serves as a key route for commuting to and from Portland. This interstate highway connects to I-5, one of the main freeways passing through the heart of downtown Portland.


OR-43, also known as the Willamette Shore Highway, follows the western flank of the Willamette River. This scenic route links Lake Oswego to downtown Portland, providing a picturesque drive with beautiful views of the river.

Rosemont Road and Stafford Road

Rosemont Road leads northwest out of Lake Oswego and intersects with Stafford Road. Continuing on Stafford Road provides an alternative route to reach Portland from Lake Oswego.

With these major roads, residents of Lake Oswego have convenient access to downtown Portland, making commuting a breeze. Whether by car or public transportation, navigating these two cities is seamless and efficient.

To get a better idea of the major roads in and around Lake Oswego, take a look at the map below:

Parking Options in Lake Oswego

Parking in Lake Oswego is generally abundant and free. Whether you’re visiting a business establishment, exploring residential neighborhoods, or shopping at major centers, numerous parking options are available to accommodate your needs.

Most businesses in Lake Oswego offer on-site parking for their customers, making parking your vehicle convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, many neighborhoods in the area provide driveway parking options for residents, ensuring that parking is readily accessible.

If you prefer street parking, certain areas of Lake Oswego have designated spaces available. It’s important to note that a Residential Parking District is in place during school hours to ensure parking availability for local residents.

When visiting major shopping centers in Lake Oswego, such as West Linn Central Village and Cascade Summit Town Square, you can expect ample free parking for visitors. These centers prioritize customer convenience, making it easy for you to find a parking spot.

For those looking for a Park & Ride option, the Emmanuel United Presbyterian Church Park & Ride provides free parking spaces for up to 24 hours on weekdays. This option allows you to park your vehicle and continue your journey using alternative transportation methods.

If you’re planning a trip to Lake Oswego, rest assured that parking availability is not a concern. With a range of options, including on-site parking, street parking, and designated parking areas by major shopping centers, you can easily find a spot that suits your needs.

Public Transportation Options in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego offers a convenient and efficient public transportation system, making it easy for residents to travel to Portland and other nearby destinations. The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (Tri-Met) operates a comprehensive network of bus services, providing cost-effective travel options.

One of the main bus routes serving Lake Oswego is Route 35, which runs from Oregon City to Portland and passes through Lake Oswego. This route provides a direct connection for commuters between Lake Oswego and Portland, offering a convenient way to get to work, school, or other destinations in the city.

Another bus route, Route 154, serves the areas of Willamette and Clackamas Heights in Lake Oswego. This route offers additional travel options for residents, connecting them to different neighborhoods within Lake Oswego and providing access to public transportation.

Tri-Met buses in Lake Oswego are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing passengers to check real-time arrival times and plan their journey accordingly. This feature ensures commuters can effectively manage their time and avoid unnecessary waiting.

In addition to the Tri-Met bus services, Lake Oswego residents can also utilize rideshare and taxi services for their transportation needs. Radio Cab, Lyft, and Uber are available in Lake Oswego, providing convenient options for those who prefer private transportation.

Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring Portland’s attractions, or need to get around Lake Oswego, the public transportation options available ensure that you can travel easily and affordably.

Commute Times from Lake Oswego to Portland

The commute time from Lake Oswego to downtown Portland is approximately 20 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. The most common routes for driving include OR-43 and I-205, which offer direct access to downtown Portland. These routes provide a convenient and efficient way for commuters to travel between Lake Oswego and downtown Portland.

For those who prefer public transportation, Tri-Met buses offer reliable options for commuting from Lake Oswego to Portland. Route 35 is a popular choice, with an average travel time of approximately 40 minutes. Public transport is a great alternative for those looking to avoid the stress of driving or who want to reduce their carbon footprint.


It’s important to note that commute times may vary during peak rush hour periods. Heavy traffic can significantly impact travel times, which is why it’s essential for commuters to plan their journeys accordingly. By allowing for potential delays and choosing the most efficient route or mode of transportation, individuals can easily navigate their daily commute between Lake Oswego and downtown Portland.

Reasons to Live in Lake Oswego

Living in Lake Oswego offers many benefits that enhance residents’ quality of life. The city’s picturesque natural surroundings provide a serene and tranquil environment that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

One of the key attractions of Lake Oswego is its strong sense of community. The residents of Lake Oswego are known for their welcoming and friendly nature, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. The tight-knit community fosters lasting relationships and a sense of belonging.

The vibrant arts and culture scene in Lake Oswego is another enticing aspect of the city. From art galleries to music festivals, there is always something to inspire and captivate the creative minds of residents. The city’s commitment to the arts enhances the community’s cultural fabric.

When it comes to dining and shopping, Lake Oswego offers a diverse range of options. From local cafes serving artisanal coffee to upscale restaurants offering culinary masterpieces, there is something to satisfy every palate. The city also boasts an array of boutique shops, giving residents access to unique and stylish finds.

In addition to these amenities, Lake Oswego enjoys close proximity to downtown Portland. This allows residents to easily access the vibrant city life and explore all that Portland has to offer, including entertainment, dining, and employment opportunities.

Lake Oswego takes pride in its well-maintained parks and recreation areas. Residents can engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and boating while immersing themselves in the beauty of the surrounding nature. The city’s commitment to preserving green spaces ensures that residents have ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Speaking of employment, Lake Oswego provides diverse job opportunities across various industries. From high-tech companies to healthcare providers, a wide range of employment options are available. This attracts a talented workforce and fosters economic growth within the community.

Lastly, Lake Oswego enjoys a pleasant climate, with mild winters and comfortable summers. The temperate weather allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Lake Oswego offers a wealth of benefits, from the natural beauty and sense of community to the diverse entertainment and employment opportunities. All these factors contribute to making Lake Oswego an attractive place to call home.

Cost of Living in Lake Oswego

The cost of living in Lake Oswego is approximately 60% above the national average, primarily due to housing and transportation expenses. When it comes to housing prices in Lake Oswego, they can vary significantly, ranging from $230,000 to over $5 million. Rental prices in the area typically fall between $1,700 and $5,500 per month.



While housing costs contribute significantly to the overall cost of living, other expenses remain relatively affordable in Lake Oswego. Utilities, such as electricity, water, and gas, are reasonably priced compared to national averages. However, it’s worth noting that grocery prices in Lake Oswego may be slightly higher than the national average. This is due to transportation costs and the higher cost of living in the area.

Housing Prices in Lake Oswego

  • Range from $230,000 to over $5 million
  • Diverse options for homeownership
  • Wide variety of property sizes and styles

Rental Prices in Lake Oswego

  • Typically fall between $1,700 and $5,500 per month
  • Rental options include apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes
  • Vary based on location, size, and amenities

Utilities in Lake Oswego

  • Electricity, water, and gas costs are relatively affordable
  • Prices may vary based on individual usage
  • Publicly provided services ensure reliability

Grocery Prices in Lake Oswego

  • It may be slightly higher than the national average
  • Offer a wide variety of options, including organic and specialty products
  • Local farmer’s markets provide fresh and locally sourced produce

Navigating the cost of living in Lake Oswego requires careful budgeting and planning, especially when it comes to housing and grocery expenses. However, the overall quality of life and the amenities offered in Lake Oswego make it a desirable place to call home.

Job Market in Lake Oswego

The job market in Lake Oswego has experienced significant growth, offering a wide range of employment opportunities across various industries. Residents of Lake Oswego have access to a diverse job market that includes high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. This thriving economy provides favorable conditions for job seekers looking for employment in Lake Oswego.

Industries in Lake Oswego

The job market in Lake Oswego encompasses a variety of industries catering to a range of skill sets and interests. Some of the prominent industries in Lake Oswego include:

  • High Tech: Lake Oswego is home to several high-tech companies, providing opportunities in software development, engineering, and technology services.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry in Lake Oswego offers positions in areas such as production, assembly, and quality control, supporting the local economy.
  • Healthcare: Lake Oswego boasts numerous healthcare facilities, creating employment opportunities in nursing, medical administration, and healthcare support services.
  • Education: The Lake Oswego School District serves as a major employer, offering positions in teaching, administration, and support staff roles.
  • Professional Services: Lake Oswego is home to various professional service firms, including consulting, legal, and financial services, providing employment options for professionals in these fields.

Top Employers in Lake Oswego

Some of the top employers in Lake Oswego include:

  1. The Greenbrier Companies: A leading manufacturer and supplier of transportation equipment, offering employment opportunities in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management.
  2. Sirius Computer Solutions: A technology integrator that provides IT solutions and services, creating jobs in areas such as IT consulting, software development, and cybersecurity.
  3. NAVEX Global: A provider of ethics and compliance software and services, offering employment options in fields such as compliance, legal, and risk management.
  4. Lake Oswego School District: The local school district that employs educators, administrators, and support staff to provide quality education to the community.

The diverse job market in Lake Oswego, combined with the presence of top employers, ensures ample employment opportunities for residents. Whether you are searching for a career in high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, or education, Lake Oswego offers a promising job market to meet your professional goals.

Things to Do in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego offers a wide range of entertainment and recreational activities for residents. Whether you’re interested in immersing yourself in the arts and culture scene, exploring outdoor adventures, or indulging in delicious dining options, Lake Oswego has something for everyone.

Arts and Culture Scene

Immerse yourself in Lake Oswego’s vibrant arts and culture scene. Visit art galleries showcasing the works of local and international artists or attend music festivals featuring a variety of genres. Don’t miss the exciting theater performances throughout the year, showcasing talented actors and inspiring productions.

Outdoor Adventures

Take advantage of Lake Oswego’s well-maintained parks and recreation areas for outdoor adventures. Explore hiking trails surrounded by natural beauty, biking along scenic routes, or spend a day boating on the serene lake. Enjoy picnics, fishing, and other recreational activities in the city’s picturesque outdoor spaces.

Dining Options

Indulge in a culinary experience in Lake Oswego, as the city offers an array of dining options. From trendy eateries serving innovative dishes to cozy cafes offering delicious comfort food, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Sample local flavors, explore international cuisine, or unwind with a refreshing drink at one of the city’s charming restaurants or bars.

With its thriving arts and culture scene, abundant recreation activities, and diverse culinary offerings, Lake Oswego is a haven for entertainment enthusiasts. Explore the city’s cultural landmarks, indulge in outdoor adventures, and savor the flavors of Lake Oswego’s vibrant dining scene.

Major Roads in Oregon City

Oregon City, located near Portland, Oregon, has a well-connected road network that ensures convenient access to the neighboring city and beyond. The major roads in and around Oregon City offer efficient transportation options for residents and visitors alike. Let’s explore some of these major roads:

Oregon Route 99E

Running alongside the scenic Willamette River, Oregon Route 99E serves as a vital link between Oregon City and Portland. This road provides a picturesque drive, offering stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside. It conveniently connects Oregon City to various parts of Portland, making it an important route for commuters.

Interstate 205

Interstate 205 is a significant freeway that passes through Oregon City, facilitating seamless transportation to Portland and other destinations. This interstate connects to the iconic Oregon City Arch Bridge, an architectural marvel that spans the Willamette River. Interstate 205 provides easy access for commuters and travelers, offering efficient connectivity to different parts of the Portland metropolitan area.

Molalla Road

Molalla Road is another important road in Oregon City, traversing the city diagonally. It eventually turns north to become 7th Street, leading to the historic heart of Oregon City. This road offers convenient access to various local attractions, including the Oregon City Municipal Elevator and the McLoughlin House.

These major roads in Oregon City ensure efficient transportation, providing residents and travelers with convenient access to Portland and the surrounding areas. Whether commuting to work or exploring the region, these roadways offer seamless connectivity to your desired destinations.



In conclusion, commuting from Lake Oswego to Portland offers a range of transportation options, making it easy for residents to travel between the two cities. Whether you drive on major roads like I-205 and OR-43, use public transportation services such as Tri-Met buses, or opt for rideshare or taxi options, there are convenient ways to make the journey.

With reasonable commute times and a high quality of life, Lake Oswego provides a beautiful setting with its natural surroundings, strong community, vibrant arts scene, and diverse employment opportunities. Residents can enjoy the best of both worlds by living in Lake Oswego while having easy access to the amenities and attractions of Portland.

To make the commute even smoother, utilizing the available resources and understanding the various transportation options is essential. Whether you are a regular commuter or planning a visit to Lake Oswego, these tips will help you navigate the journey effectively, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.


What are the major roads in and around Lake Oswego?

The major roads in and around Lake Oswego include I-205, OR-43, Rosemont Road, and Stafford Road. These roads provide convenient access to Portland.

What are the parking options in Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego offers abundant and free parking options. Most businesses have on-site parking, many neighborhoods have driveway parking, and street parking is available in certain areas. Major shopping centers and the Emmanuel United Presbyterian Church Park & Ride also offer free parking spaces for visitors.

What public transportation options are available in Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego is well-served by public transportation, particularly the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (Tri-Met). Tri-Met buses, such as Route 35 and Route 154, provide cost-efficient travel options for commuting from Lake Oswego to Portland. GPS tracking is available on Tri-Met buses, allowing passengers to track their arrival times. Rideshare and taxi services, including Radio Cab, Lyft, and Uber, are also available.

What are the commute times from Lake Oswego to Portland?

The commute time from Lake Oswego to downtown Portland is approximately 20 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. Tri-Met buses provide reliable public transportation options with a travel time of approximately 40 minutes. Commute times may vary during peak rush hour periods.

What are the benefits of living in Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego offers beautiful natural surroundings, a strong sense of community, a vibrant arts and culture scene, excellent dining and shopping options, a high quality of life, close proximity to downtown Portland, well-maintained parks and recreation areas, diverse employment opportunities, and a pleasant climate.

What is the cost of living in Lake Oswego?

The cost of living in Lake Oswego is approximately 60% above the national average, mainly due to housing and transportation expenses. Housing prices can range from $230,000 to over $5 million, with rental prices typically falling between $1,700 and $5,500 per month. Utilities in Lake Oswego are relatively affordable, while grocery prices may be slightly higher than the national average.

What is the job market like in Lake Oswego?

The job market in Lake Oswego has seen positive growth, with employment opportunities in high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Top employers in Lake Oswego include The Greenbrier Companies, Sirius Computer Solutions, NAVEX, and the Lake Oswego School District.

What are some things to do in Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego offers a wide range of entertainment and recreational activities, including a vibrant arts and culture scene, art galleries, music festivals, theater performances, and excellent dining options. The city’s well-maintained parks and recreation areas provide hiking, biking, boating opportunities, and more.

What are the major roads in Oregon City?

The major roads in Oregon City include Oregon Route 99E, Interstate 205, and Molalla Road. These roads provide convenient access to Portland and other parts of Oregon City.